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"Run for Charity" Fundraiser
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All funds raised are donated in the name of our lost friend
State Trooper Mark Charbonnier.



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Why we're doing this?
"As long as you have your health and loved ones, you have everything anyone could ever want"
This past year was one in which we, someone in our family, or friends of ours brought a new child into this world. As the news of the impending birth(s) was circulated the one question that we were all most commonly asked was " Do you think it's a boy or a girl?" 
We were all quick to answer, " It doesn't matter as long as the baby is healthy." It's a simple answer, but one spoken from the heart. We would not love our children any less no matter what the circumstances.
But like all parents, we want our children to be healthy - we expect our children to be healthy. We would give or do anything to ensure this happens, but sometimes our hopes and wishes are not answered. Our children are our hopes and dreams. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are while they don't want our sympathy, they do appreciate our support. It's often very difficult to understand what these families endure, to borrow a phrase from a current song:

" No words can describe a mothers tears
No words can heal a broken heart
A dream is gone, but where there is hope.."

By supporting these charities we are helping to keep hope alive.
Recently while attending a funeral for another victim of cancer, I was taken by the image on a stain glass window. The image was that of a mother holding her child and the music being played in the church was a song named "Gentle Women" . It was a moment that I don't think I will forget because the person we had come to honor was the mother to the daughter we came to support. As I drove home the moment stayed with me, all I could think of was the special bond between a child and their mom and dad.

That image is what brings me back each year. Every victim of childhood disease or cancer is someone's child. Regardless of age each person is a child in someone's eyes. The compassion and hope we have the first time we see our ch ildren, is the same 10, 20, 50 years later, it never changes. If you asked any parent when their child is facing these difficult times they will always tell you they would do anything to take the pain and suffering from their child, they themselves would traded places in a second if at all possible.

Your donations help make a difference. Just think of the additional possibilities that will come form your continued support. From everyone involved - to all those who have donated time, resources, and funds - we send our sincerest thanks.
Wishing you and your family a healthy & happy future.
Michael & Donna O'Neill 


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