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"Run for Charity" Fundraiser
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Run for Help

All funds raised are donated in the name of our lost friend
State Trooper Mark Charbonnier.



In Loving Memory of
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How you can help us help others
Donations in any amount to these wonderful charities - are always welcome with ALL proceeds collected going directly to the charities. Every part of your donation goes directly to the charities - My family and I cover all expenses involved. To us this is a family event. If you'd like to know more about us and what motivates us. Check out the Why We Do This section.
We sincerely thank you for your continued support.
In The Name Of Someone Special
You can designate your donation in honor of another person, perhaps a relative or friend who might have benefited from our designated organizations? These names will be listed on the Dedications in Memory of section of this site.

"Each of the past 3 years we have asked you to send us the names of family and friends that are or have battled cancer or childhood disease. The names we recieve are placed on the jersey worn during the run with an associated mile. We do this to show our respect and support for those who are fighting the good fight and to honor those who lost their battle. Once again this year we would like to encourage you to send us the names of those incredible people.

We would be remiss this year if we were to neglect the people that lost their lives this past September 11th and the many men and women that risked their own lives to save those in need, or the many still sacrificing to complete the recovery effort and those many miles away fighting to secure our nation. So this year would encourage you to send us their names as well, we would like to have them ride side by side with the other heros we honor each year.

To send the name(s) please just fill out the form below.

- Michael O'Neill
Donation Form
For your convenience, you can let us know of your support by filling out our On-line Donation Form or you can download and print a Paper Copy Donation Form to include with your check.
Please remember that all donations are tax-deductible and all checks should be made payable directly to either the Neely House or Step One Early Intervention Program of South Shore Mental Health
*** all proceeds are donated in the name of State Trooper Mark Charbonnier ***
Donating Items For The Raffle
Please note that we are always looking for items to be included in our raffle to help raise money for these causes. (Also tax deductible) If you have a product or service that you'd like to donate, E-mail Me with a brief description of the product or service, the estimated dollar value, and a phone number where I can contact you. 
Giving Time To The Charity
As with any charitable institution, a donation of your time is one of the most precious gifts anyone can give. You can find out more about volunteering your time to help these organizations on-site by following the links to their web sites on our About The Charities page.

"Without you - this money would never have gone to helping others. As you can see, with your help, the amount raised continues to grow each year. Every bit helps, and for every dollar raised, we are all grateful for your assistance. To see a listing of the past amounts donated, click here."

Again - we can never thank you enough for all your support!

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Please send any comments or suggestions to Michael O'Neil.
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