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"Run for Charity" Fundraiser
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Run for Help

All funds raised are donated in the name of our lost friend
State Trooper Mark Charbonnier.



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About the Charities
"As I cross each miler marker, I look down and read the names dedicated to that mile on my jersey. Some names I know, while others I don't, but it doesn't matter, each person on the shirt has fought harder and longer than I ever have. Whatever pain I may experience, it goes away when I think of what people have experienced and endured in battling cancer or these childhood diseases. I know this cannot bring back the people who have passed or ease the pain of those still fighting, but our thoughts, support and donations show the respect we must have for each of them.."
- Michael O'Neill 
These are the charities for which we're raising funds and donating all proceeds in the name of State Trooper Mark Charbonnier.

The Neely Foundation 

The Neely House:
"Ultimately we look forward to a day when a cure for cancer makes The Neely House a safe haven for others in need. Until that happens, we'll keep trying to make a difference-one guest at a time."
- Cam & Scott Neely
The Neely House opened June 27, 1997 and began helping families on August 25, 1997. The House was the dream of the Neely brothers, Scott and Cam, as a way to honor the memory of their parents who lost their battles with cancer. The Neely House provides a home away from home for families who have been stricken with the disease and are seeking medical attention at the New England Medical Center. The Neely House provides food, lodging and more importantly a support system for families fighting cancer. The Neely House has been expanded to 14,500 square feet to try and meet the over whelming demand for its use.
The Neely Cancer Fund: The Neely Cancer Fund is the newest initiative of the Cam Neely Foundation dedicated to opening new d oors to a cure for cancer. This partnership between the Foundation and New England Medical Center assures that patients receive the most advanced cancer therapies available delivered with the utmost sensitivity. The Foundation includes:

  • The Neely Cancer Clinical Research Center
  • The Floating Children's Cancer Center Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Click here for more information
Step One Early Intervention Program of South Shore 
Mental Health:

"Accept me for what I am, Not what I could have been or even will be. Accept me Then resting in acceptance, I can grow"  
- Ruth Reardon, a Step One teacher

Step One, is a program, which helps parents to recognize and understand their child's particular development needs, and suggests ways to help their child grow. Children who are helped by this organization may have been born premature. They may have feeding, vision or hearing problems or they may have been born with a disability or health condition that affects their development such as Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida or Cerebral Palsy. This is just a sample of the children who are helped by this generous organization.

Some of the services provided by Step One are:

  • Speech, occupational and physical therapies

  • Toddler groups

  • Parent support groups

  • Parent training and education

Click here for more information, and then click on Early Childhood Services.

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